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The State of Personal Cybersecurity & Privacy

BlackCloak Research on the State of Corporate Executives in their Personal Lives

In 2020, the risk of cybercrime is greater than ever. When new clients join BlackCloak, we scan and assess their networks, devices, and security practices. The results are often shocking. Many individuals are surprised to discover that their homes and devices had previously been compromised, thereby comprising their companies. We solve the problem – but in the process, we have uncovered revealing data about the current state of personal cybersecurity and privacy for executives.

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Protect Your Digital LifeTM

Gain Peace of Mind that Your Executive Team's Privacy is Protected Online

At BlackCloak, we serve as your concierge cybersecurity partner working with you to protect your company by protecting the identity and reputation, of your executive team, board members and key personnel. Using our enterprise-grade tools, proprietary methodologies, and expertise gained from our experience in law enforcement, intelligence, and commercial cybersecurity, we help you protect your company by protecting your executives.

Protect Their Privacy

We remove sensitive personal information from the top Internet Data Brokers, regularly perform dark web searches for exposed personal credentials, and implement privacy settings to protect against identity theft.

Protect Their Home

We perform penetration testing and regular scans of their home networks to detect malware, botnets and other security issues, and to prevent decisions their children and family make online from resulting in a compromise for them or your company.

Protect Their Devices

We monitor and secure their personal devices, including cell phones, tablets and computers, using the same enterprise-grade tools used to secure corporate networks and devices.

Protect Their (and Your) Peace of Mind

With BlackCloak as your trusted partner, you'll have control over managing cybersecurity and privacy risk of your executives, board members, and key personnel in their personal lives – all while maintaining their privacy and your peace of mind.

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